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  • Delivery of 1200 sleepers to Jernhusen Luleå. Environmentally sound sleepers for switch area.
  • Recycled plastic used as railways sleepers

Through a close collaboration with TMP we have developed composite sleepers for the railway. Since May 2016 our new composite sleepers are in use on railway embankments.

In the manufacturing process recycled material from the households' plastic packaging is used. This means that composite sleepers may be a solution to Trafikverket's challenge to find an alternative to today's sleepers. The use of the carcinogenic treatment substance creosote are banned since 2018.

We are proud of having contributed to the development of an environmentally sound alternative. In addidion, our sleepers being 100% recyclable after use is a good step towards a cicular economy.

Watch the fire test of our plastic composite sleepers: