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Producer responsibility

  • Plastic recycling

Who is a producer?

Every company selling packaged products or packaging on the Swedish market is according to the law a "producer of waste".

Producer responsibility

  • A "producer" has the physical and economical responsibility for fulfilling the legislative requirements.
  • The "producer" will provide suitable collection points and facilitate households and others with a means of sorting packaging from other waste.
  • After the sorting the "producer" will ensure that the sorted packaging at the collection points is removed and reused, recycled or taken care of in some other environmentally acceptable manner.
  • A "producer" will consult the municipality. The consulting shall take into account the local conditions and aim to coordinate the "procuders" responsibility with the sanitation duty of the local authorities.
  • The "producer" shall provide the municipality with the information needed to inform the households.
  • A "producer" reports to Naturvårdsverket (the environmental protection agency).
  • In production the "producers" shall strive to design the packaging in such a manner that they can be recycled and the waste minimised.
  • A "producer" shall strive to anchieve the regulation goals.


The division of responsibilities between the market players

The tasks within the framework of the regulation is divided between the different parties:

Miljödepartementet (the department of environment)

Has the overall responsibility for shaping the procuder responsibiliy decree.

Naturvårdsverket (the environmental protection agency)

Is responsible for compiling statistics about recycling and the producer responsibility.

The local authorities

Are responsible for overseeing the producers in the municipality.